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October 22nd Halloween costumes and decorations - Monday October 22nd (one item per minute) 7 PM Central

Item Description
1.pumpkin plywood stand-up yard decoration 47"x54"
2.Frankenstein sign statue, 67" tall
3.lighted ticket booth, 48"wide x 39" deep x 93" tall
4.Gurney and 2 walkers
5."joined at the hip" canvas photo op, 47" x 75"
6."World's strongest man" canvas photo op, 47"x 75"
7."bearded lady" canvas photo op, 47" x 75"
8.mummy plywood photo op, 50 x50
9.Freaks of nature canvas sign, 50x39
10.various sized wooden signs, "haunted hill cemetery", "butcher hill", "Deadview cemetery", "enter at your own risk"
11.grim reaper hanging decoration
12.animated life size jester, motion activated
13.insane serial killer, w/box, unable to verify working condition
15.2 5ft skeletons
16.6ft mummy w/box, and a baby mummy
17.hanging clown jester
18.12ft skeleton jester w/box
19.qty 5 mirrors
20. asst plastic swords, knives, butcher knives
21.asst plastic mice & rats
22.asst plastic bugs
23.asst plastic bats
24.qty 2 rubber cockroaches
25.qty 2 rubber snakes
26.asst rubber bats
27.plastic culdrun & a skeleton
28.asst hands
29.qty 6 skulls
30.qty 6 skulls
31.qty 2 pirate skulls
32.meat shop sign & bucket of blood
33.tote of skeleton parts & pieces
34.qty 6 large spiders
35.3 totes of flashlights, bloody linens & misc. linens
36.tote of plastic hands
37.tote of hands & feet
38.tote of hands
39.tote of hands
40.hands on sticks
41.hands on sticks
42.head in body bag
43.head on a stick & 3 Halloween babies
44.girl on swing hanging decoration
45.little bloody boy statue
46.zombie babies "Angry Alice", battery operated/motion activated
47.qty 2 bloody bodies in bags on meat hooks
48.life size scary jester
49.life size scary clown
50.electric spirit ball w/box
51.bite size Clown, motion activated, battery operated, w/box
52.scary dead old man hanging decoration
53.life size dead lift zombie, electric w/box
54.bleeding head fountain, electric w/box
55.scary Halloween hanging decoration
56.large and small hanging draculas
57.qty 8 yard ghost silhouettes
58.skeleton body pieces
59.Dr Karlosi, Think tank w/directions
60.asst ropes, ball & chain, belts & more
61.qty 5 various masks
62.qty various masks
63.qty 4 werewolf masks
64.tote of various masks
65.tote of various masks
66.tote of various wigs
67.tote of various wigs
68.tote of various clown wigs
69.tote of various headwear
70.tote of various scary masks
71.hanging clown skeleton
72.various electronics DVD/VHS players w/4 DVD'S
73.homemade jack-in-the-box, and various homemade signs
74.qty 3 black lights
75.child's costume
76.qty 2 masks
77.qty 2 masks
78.qty 2 masks
79.qty 2 masks
80.qty 2 masks
81.qty 2 masks
82.qty 2 masks
83.qty 2 masks
84.qty 7 lanterns
85.qty 2 table decorations
86.qty 3 head decorations
87.qty 5 Halloween pictures
88.various posters
89.qty 4 yard decorations
90.qty 5 masks
91.qty 4 masks
92.qty 3 masks
93.qty 2 masks
94.rubber skeleton hands & feet to wear
95.large asst of bottles
96.qty 4 jars pickled body parts
97.various body organs
98.ball & chain
99.qty 2 masks
100.asst items
101.Clown footwear
102.Clown footwear
103.Assorted straw hats, straw skirts and misc.
104.Two totes of assorted headwear
105.Three heads
106.Yard lights
107.Assorted masks
108.Window clings and talking mat
109.Assorted signs
110.Assorted signs
111.Assorted Halloween decorations
112.Large lot of haunted house props
113.Hanging top and bottom body parts
114.Halloween props
115.QTY 5 hanging heads
116.Frank-n-cuted life size prop
117.Halloween prop
118.QTY 6 assorted yard decorations
119.Large Life size clown
120.Skeleton in coffin
121.Life size coffin
122.QTY 4 dolls
123.Fog liquid
124.Strobe lights
125.Strobe lights
126.two fog machines
127.four strobe lights
128.two strobe lights
129.two fog machines one is market as bad
130.three fog machines with liquid fog
131.three fog machines
132.two strobe lights perfect strom 2.0
133.five strobe lights
134.assorted dolls and baby crib
135.wheel chair, coroner's bag, IV stand
136.X-ray machine and two fun mirrors
137.Doctors exam table
138.Doctors exam table
139.Gorilla suit
140.Three tots of assorted costumes
141.Assorted costumes
142.Assorted costumes
143.Assorted costumes
144.Assorted costumes
145.Assorted costumes
146.QTY of totes

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